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Fast in Philly


With Willie Mays collecting one Gold Glove after another in centerfield, it was nearly impossible for any other National League center fielder to earn significant recognition, much less a Gold Glove, during the 1960s. That’s one of the reasons why Tony Gonzalez was one of the league’s under-rated outfielders when he patrolled centerfield for the Philadelphia Phillies from 1960 through 1968.Tony Gonzalez

And while Gonzalez couldn’t match the offensive capabilities of his centerfield counterpart in San Francisco, he brought to the Phillies’ lineup enough pop in his bat to make his defense all that much more valuable.

A Cuban native, Gonzalez was signed by the Cincinnati Reds in 1957, and during his rookie season in 1960 was traded by the Cincinnati Reds with Lee Walls to the Philadelphia Phillies for Fred Hopke, Harry Anderson and Wally Post. He hit .299 in 78 games for the Phillies that initial season.

From 1961 through 1968, Gonzalez hit for a combined average of .295, including a career-best .339 in 1967. That average was second best in the major leagues, trailing only Roberto Clemente’s .357. Gonzalez hit .302 in 1962 with 20 home runs and 63 RBIs. He drove in 66 runs in 1963, his career high.

But Gonzalez’s real prowess showed up in the field, where his outstanding range and excellent throwing accuracy made his hitting a plus.

Right after the 1968 season, the San Diego Padres made Gonzalez their thirty-seventh selection in the expansion draft. He started the season with San Diego, and then was traded to the Atlanta Braves in June, hitting .294 in 89 games with the Braves (with 10 home runs and 50 RBIs). He hit .265 as the Braves’ starting centerfielder in 1970 until he was purchased by the California Angels. He hit .245 for the Angels in 1971, his final season in the majors.

Looking for Tony Gonzalez’s stats? In Hardball Bob's opinion, the best source for online statistics is Baseball-Reference.com. For Tony’s  career stats, go here.

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